More than a Video Surveillance Solutions Provider

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  Building the Future of the Multifamily and Affordable Housing Industry, Together.       At Watchtower Security, we believe in being more than a surveillance solutions provider; we strive to be an active contributor in shaping the future of the multifamily and affordable housing industries. Keep an eye out for our team [...]

Tackling the Rising Issue of Package Theft in Multifamily Housing

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  As e-commerce increases, package theft is becoming a concern for multifamily communities.   Package Theft Statistics – A Survey by C+R Research; Image Credit: C+R Research     Package theft has become an increasing concern for residents and property managers of apartment communities throughout the country. The rise of online shopping, [...]

Vehicle Thefts Are On The Rise In Multifamily Communities Across The Country

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  There has been a significant rise in motor vehicle theft across the United States in 2023   United States motor vehicle theft rate.  Data: Council on Criminal Justice; Chart: Watchtower Security     Across the country, car thefts are on the rise, especially within the multifamily housing industry. The anonymity and [...]

Hurricane Idea Cleanup

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  In September of this year, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana. Ida was the second largest to make landfall in Louisiana, behind Hurricane Katrina.  As this storm made landfall in Louisiana, it destroyed the power grid and many communities within its reach. This left hundreds of people without housing and [...]

After the Forensic Video Review

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  Watchtower Security's Forensic Review Analysts work tirelessly, to provide our clients and law enforcement with the evidence they need. Our team reviews thousands of hours of video footage each week, but what happens after the event is found, compiled, and delivered? In 2013, a Forensic Review Analyst received an on-call emergency request [...]

Camp Hope: Providing New Hope to Veterans and their Families

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For many soldiers, war doesn't end when they return home. Our veterans are facing an epidemic; where one in three are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to the PTSD Foundation of America, less than 40% of those diagnosed will try to find help. To help combat this serious issue, the PTSD [...]

Understanding Your Needs

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In order to understand our clients’ needs, you have to be curious. In order to be a true partner and provide real value, you need to know what challenges they face. Our sales leaders are each a member of committees within the National Apartment Association. This really helps us to truly understand what is impacting [...]

Nationwide Knowledge

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At Watchtower Security we believe that people are our greatest asset. Having a great team to back up a great service, is extremely important. From our Sales and Project team designing the camera layout, the Service team maintaining that equipment, and our Forensic Review team searching through video footage to locate events, you can [...]

When ASAP is not good enough

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When a utility such as power, internet, or television stop working, you typically want that fixed ASAP. At Watchtower Security, our highly trained Service Department takes “as soon as possible” to the next level. Watchtower’s Service Department’s commitment to excellence means getting things fixed immediately, often before you even knew there was an issue. If [...]