Tackling the Rising Issue of Package Theft in Multifamily Housing

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As e-commerce increases, package theft is becoming a concern for multifamily communities.


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Package theft has become an increasing concern for residents and property managers of apartment communities throughout the country. The rise of online shopping, as indicated by a 2022 survey conducted by C+R Research, reveals that nearly 1 in 7 Americans (14%) have fallen victim to package thefts, with 67% experiencing the loss of one package, 22% losing two, and 11% having three or more packages stolen. Online shopping isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, according to the International Trade Administration, e-commerce is expected to grow by 14.5% annually through 2026. The lack of security, limited mail oversight, and the rise of package deliveries to multifamily communities provide an ideal environment for would-be criminals. 

Package theft extends beyond inconvenience, leaving a lasting impact on residents and property managers. For residents, it’s not just about the loss of belongings but also the violation of their personal space, which will lead to feelings of mistrust and unease. In addition to making residents and property managers feel unsafe, recurring package theft incidents can affect a community’s reputation, making it harder to attract and retain residents.

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