More than a Video Surveillance Solutions Provider

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  Building the Future of the Multifamily and Affordable Housing Industry, Together.       At Watchtower Security, we believe in being more than a surveillance solutions provider; we strive to be an active contributor in shaping the future of the multifamily and affordable housing industries. Keep an eye out for our team [...]

Tackling the Rising Issue of Package Theft in Multifamily Housing

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  As e-commerce increases, package theft is becoming a concern for multifamily communities.   Package Theft Statistics – A Survey by C+R Research; Image Credit: C+R Research     Package theft has become an increasing concern for residents and property managers of apartment communities throughout the country. The rise of online shopping, [...]

Vehicle Thefts Are On The Rise In Multifamily Communities Across The Country

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  There has been a significant rise in motor vehicle theft across the United States in 2023   United States motor vehicle theft rate.  Data: Council on Criminal Justice; Chart: Watchtower Security     Across the country, car thefts are on the rise, especially within the multifamily housing industry. The anonymity and [...]

Minimizing Liability, Maximizing Efficiency

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              Video surveillance is a crucial aspect of modern security systems, with the choice usually coming down to managed video surveillance or live monitoring. Managed video surveillance offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for multifamily properties. Meanwhile, live monitoring has limitations, including the liability associated with the [...]

Catalytic Converter Theft

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            It is almost impossible to turn on the news without hearing about another catalytic converter theft. In fact, State Farm reported that in 2021 there were 18,000 claims of catalytic converter theft, compared to 4,500 in 2020. A catalytic converter is part [...]

Towers of Excellence Foundation

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  Since its beginning, Watchtower Security has been striving to make lasting positive changes in the communities they partner within. With that goal in mind, in 2015, Watchtower Security helped found the Towers of Excellence Foundation. The Towers of Excellence Foundation's primary focus is to make the youth of today into the leaders [...]

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – Natural Surveillance

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  Have you heard of the crime prevention theory, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)? Simply put, this approach focuses on how the physical environment and our own established norms change our behavior. There are four main components to CPTED, Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Controls, Natural Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance/Management. Today we will [...]

Don’t Forget to Address the Small Problems

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  Is this a familiar sight in your community? Litter throughout your property and overflowing dumpsters are common nuisances throughout the multifamily industry. Unfortunately, not addressing these nuisance behaviors promptly can lead to more problems. There is an approach to designing and managing communities to prevent crime called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design [...]