Hurricane Idea Cleanup

By |2021-11-05T14:13:46-06:00November 5th, 2021|


In September of this year, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana. Ida was the second largest to make landfall in Louisiana, behind Hurricane Katrina.  As this storm made landfall in Louisiana, it destroyed the power grid and many communities within its reach. This left hundreds of people without housing and access to food and clean water. Within days, a team member at Watchtower Security was on hand to help with the recovery efforts.

When Matt Malak, a Forensic Reviewer at Watchtower Security, isn’t working to help multifamily communities across the country, he is a volunteer firefighter. His Fire Department, the East Side Volunteer Fire Department, was deployed to Louisiana, where they helped numerous people start to get their lives back together. “Helping local restaurants re-open and getting people back into their lives is what I loved the most,” Matt said.

Everyone at Watchtower is very proud of the above and beyond work that Matt does! Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you, Matt!