Don’t Forget to Address the Small Problems

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Is this a familiar sight in your community? Litter throughout your property and overflowing dumpsters are common nuisances throughout the multifamily industry. Unfortunately, not addressing these nuisance behaviors promptly can lead to more problems. There is an approach to designing and managing communities to prevent crime called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). [...]

Property Audits

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Every quarter it is recommended to perform a safety audit of your property. What exactly that means can change depending on who you talk to. We have covered it before in some of the previous posts, but having an understanding of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), can be a great resource for performing a [...]

The Watchtower Difference

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Designing your community’s surveillance coverage is a delicate balancing act for Watchtower Security. Careful consideration must be applied as we work to craft a balance between the needs and coverage versus the VALUE that you receive from your monthly investment. To the lay-person, the process of surveillance might appear quite simple (i.e. put cameras where [...]