Understanding Your Needs

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In order to understand our clients’ needs, you have to be curious. In order to be a true partner and provide real value, you need to know what challenges they face. Our sales leaders are each a member of committees within the National Apartment Association. This really helps us to truly understand what is impacting [...]

Giving back in a big way

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We donate our time and our services to many organizations around the United States. When we learned about Camp Hope in Texas, we wanted to give back and provide them with an asset that could truly aid them and give the veterans piece of mind. That’s why we donated our services to them. We wanted [...]

Nationwide Knowledge

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At Watchtower Security we believe that people are our greatest asset. Having a great team to back up a great service, is extremely important. From our Sales and Project team designing the camera layout, the Service team maintaining that equipment, and our Forensic Review team searching through video footage to locate events, you can [...]

When ASAP is not good enough

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When a utility such as power, internet, or television stop working, you typically want that fixed ASAP. At Watchtower Security, our highly trained Service Department takes “as soon as possible” to the next level. Watchtower’s Service Department’s commitment to excellence means getting things fixed immediately, often before you even knew there was an issue. If [...]