Fully Managed Video Surveillance

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There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when you are purchasing a surveillance system. Some of these questions may include: “What if something happens to the equipment? How will I fix it? When an incident occurs, how do I retrieve the footage and will I have to spend hours and hours watching video? Who will ensure that the video is usable when I need it?” Many companies will sell you video surveillance equipment, but do they have the ability to manage it? With those questions in mind, Watchtower Security was created. Watchtower Security’s multifamily-exclusive, managed-video-surveillance-solution, has proven to be effective in reducing criminal activity, as well as nuisance behavior, across the country.

Watchtower Security’s services include equipment maintenance and repair. If something were to happen to any of the surveillance equipment installed on your property, Watchtower will fix or replace it, often before you are even aware of an issue. However, even if the equipment is working perfectly, if the video being recorded is out of focus or obstructed, then what good is it doing? Watchtower employs a team of technicians who are tasked with ensuring that your cameras are in focus and on target.

What happens when a vehicle was broken into over the weekend? Luckily, the cameras were recording and the video was in focus, but who has the time to watch 3 days of video footage? With Watchtower Security’s managed-video-solution, you and your staff will no longer have to look through hours of video footage. Our Forensic Review Department has the tools and knowledge to provide you with the evidence you need when you need it.