After the Forensic Video Review

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Watchtower Security’s Forensic Review Analysts work tirelessly, to provide our clients and law enforcement with the evidence they need. Our team reviews thousands of hours of video footage each week, but what happens after the event is found, compiled, and delivered?

In 2013, a Forensic Review Analyst received an on-call emergency request from a police officer. Earlier that evening a couple had been shot as they exited an apartment building in California. The camera system had recently been installed, and it had a clear view of the entire incident. The analyst located all of the footage pertaining to this shooting, as well as details surrounding the possible suspects. This video footage was then sent electronically to law enforcement that evening, and a hard copy was sent the following morning.

In 2019, the Assistant District Attorney subpoenaed Watchtower Security in regards to this incident. The case had been working its way through the court system for six years and had finally made it to trial. The Forensic Review Analyst who had originally worked this case appeared in court, and testified to the validity of the video footage and the events described. Between the use of video footage and Watchtower’s testimony, the suspect in custody was found guilty.

Watchtower Security is a fully managed video surveillance company. We stand behind our installations, equipment, and our forensic video reviews. When the unexpected happens on your property, our entire team is with you every step of the way.