Understanding Your Needs

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In order to understand our clients’ needs, you have to be curious. In order to be a true partner and provide real value, you need to know what challenges they face. Our sales leaders are each a member of committees within the National Apartment Association. This really helps us to truly understand what is impacting our clients. Each situation is different, but once we immerse ourselves in their world, we can better tailor our offerings and products to provide true value.

To name a few- Mason Lipp, our Executive Vice President of Sales serves on the Affordable Housing, Privatized Military Housing, and NextGen Committees within the National Apartment Association. Clayton Burnett, our National Sales, and Project Director is a member of the Technology and Operations Committees. Nathan Burnett, one of the Principals at Watchtower Security, is a board member of the Missouri Apartment Association. He also serves on the NextGen Committee, Membership Committee, and Region V Liaison to the NSC committee, for the National Apartment Association. We take pride in understanding our clients and we love working with them for the betterment of the Multifamily Industry.