Employee Spotlight | Stephen Claggett

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Stephen Claggett – Director of Forensic Review

Say hello to Stephen Claggett.  Stephen is the Director of the Forensic Review Department at Watchtower Security.  Stephen leads a team of Forensic Review Analysts who strive to provide the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN of incidents taking place at our client’s multifamily properties.
  • When did you join the Watchtower family?
    • I joined Watchtower in August 2016.
  • What drew you to Watchtower Security initially, and how has it changed?
    • I was actively seeking a career where I could apply my criminal justice education and background. A friend (Kevin Cronin) described his position at Watchtower and the culture, and I immediately knew that it would be a great fit for me! Since starting in 2016, Watchtower has consistently grown, we’ve developed new tools and technology to better serve our clients, and we’ve worked hard to build upon and strengthen the culture that attracted me in the first place.
  • What does your current role entail?
    • As the Forensic Review Manager, I lead our team of incredibly talented and dedicated Forensic Review Analysts who work around the clock to locate, track, and compile evidence of nuisance and criminal activity. My position involves a great deal of data analysis, understanding trends in crime and request volume, and strategizing with the team to best serve our clients and law enforcement. I also serve as a Custodian of Records, which at times involves testifying and authenticating footage to be used as evidence in court.
  • What have been some of the biggest achievements you and your team have accomplished?
    • Where to start…?! Beyond the countless wins of providing critical video footage to clients and law enforcement, I am extremely proud of my team’s ability to adapt, collaborate, and strategize. Over the last few years, we’ve streamlined efficiencies and creatively implemented new processes and tools to help grow the business while continuing to best serve our clients and communities.
  • What do you love most about working at Watchtower Security?
    • Since day 1 with Watchtower, I’ve felt that I’m part of something bigger and extremely fortunate to have joined the team when I did. The work we do is fulfilling and the people I work with are all genuinely invested in the wellbeing of our team and clients… the culture here is outstanding!
  • What has your experience with Watchtower’s company culture been/what parts do you connect with the most?
    • We talk a lot about company culture here, more so than in any other job I’ve had. I love that it’s consistently reinforced and recognized by everyone. I most connect with the pillar of high-touch customer engagement – as I mentioned above, our team is passionate about providing exceptional service and building a collaborative relationship with our clients.
  • How has Watchtower helped your career development?
    • More ways than I can count. As I’ve moved into management and leadership roles, I’ve had support, guidance, and feedback from coworkers, bosses, and ownership every step of the way. Additionally, I’ve been provided opportunities to attend professional development courses and network with other professionals
  • What is an interesting fact about yourself?
    • I once played bags/cornhole against (at the time) St. Louis Cardinals pitchers Joe Kelly and Shelby Miller… don’t ask me what the score was!