Employee Spotlight | David Carlton

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David Carlton – Director of Service

Say hello to David Carlton.  David is the Director of Service at Watchtower Security.  He works hard to ensure that the team he leads has the structure and tools necessary to provide the best possible service to our clients.
  • When did you join the Watchtower family?
    • I started working at Watchtower Security in August of 2020.
  • What does your job entail?
    • As the Service Director, I’m fortunate to be able to lead an amazing team of individuals that work tirelessly to ensure our product is available to our customers as promised.  My team is directly responsible for providing the “premium service” outlined in our Mission Statement.
  • What do you love most about working at Watchtower Security?
    • The people!  On the Service side, we’ve built an incredible team.  It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come and we’re excited about the future.  That extends to the other departments as well.  From the top-down, we have amazing people who want to make a difference.
  • What has your experience with Watchtower’s company culture been/what parts do you connect with the most?
    • Collaboration – The level of collaboration and involvement between departments in creating our 2022 goals was exciting to see!  With our Strengthen the Foundation mindset in place, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will serve our team members and our clients better than we ever have before!
  • What have you gained from working at Watchtower/best career lesson from working at Watchtower?
    • Coming from the corporate world, it was a challenge to move ideas forward and implement needed change.  At Watchtower, it’s been very refreshing to be able to collaborate with others to implement positive change quickly.
  • What is an interesting fact about yourself?
    • I enjoy coaching my kids in sports and look forward to their games on the weekends…and also, Go Cards!