Employee Spotlight | Kevin Cronin

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Kevin Cronin – Senior Client Relations Representative

Say hello to Kevin Cronin!  Kevin is the Senior Client Relations Representative at Watchtower Security and a valued team member!  
  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the company?
    • My current role is Senior Client Relations Representative in the Client Relations Department.
  • How long have you been a part of the Watchtower Security team, and what initially drew you to this company?
    • I began working here in 2016 in the Forensic Review Department after it was recommended to me by another employee.
  • What path did you take to get to your current role? Have you always been in this industry, or did you come from a different background?
    • I’ve worked primarily in customer-facing roles (everything from retail to bartending). Working in the Forensic Review Department was more of a dramatic shift in my career.
  • Are there any pivotal moments or experiences that have shaped your career trajectory?
    • I was in the Forensic Review Department for about a year when I had a great conversation with one of the owners about my previous experience in sales and other customer-facing jobs. He asked if I might be willing to relocate if the role was right, and I said yes. Within a few months, I was being trained by the Client Relations Director as the first Client Relations Representative in support of the sales department. Then in January of 2018, I relocated to Houston to support our efforts there.
  • What does your typical day at Watchtower look like? Are there any specific tasks or projects you’re currently working on?
    • CSRs wear a lot of hats. My days include evaluating cost sheets and design plans for renewals, proactively reaching out to our clients, resolving client issues quickly and professionally, and more. It is a fun, dynamic role, and every day is a bit different.
  • How do your responsibilities contribute to the overall goals and success of the company?
    • The main goal of the CSR department is client retention. Our job is to provide the best possible customer service so that when it comes time for a client to renew their contract, it’s an easy decision.
  • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your role, and how have you overcome them?
    • Not being able to be face-to-face with our clients during COVID required a big shift in the department’s mentality. We were able to adjust and come up with new ways to interact with our clients while still providing industry-leading customer service.
  • What’s your approach to tackling new challenges or projects? Do you have any specific strategies or mindsets that guide your work?
    • As a big-picture thinker, I tend to start with the goal and work backward through the necessary processes. It helps me to think of large goals as a series of small, achievable steps.
  • How do you collaborate with other team members or departments to achieve common goals?
    • Open communication is key. My team meets weekly, but we also have an open forum environment for sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions.
  • What do you believe makes a successful and cohesive team, and how do you contribute to that dynamic?
    • A successful team leverages the skills of each member to achieve a common goal. That also means understanding your personal limits and when to ask for help. I contribute the most through my experience. Having been in this department a long time, I’m able to help coach new team members and provide advice that benefits their success.
  • What do you enjoy most about the company culture here? How do you feel your values align with those of the organization?
    • The collaborative, open nature of our company culture is what I enjoy the most. Being able to have a conversation with anyone in Watchtower is unique and critical to our success.
  • Are there any goals or projects you’re excited about working on in the future?
    • My department is in the process of restructuring with different tiers of responsibility. I’m proud of the changes that are being made that I’ve helped to shape, and I am excited to see how this department progresses in the future.