Better Quality Means Better Evidence

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When it comes to an investigation, there is no better way of assessing a crime than, video cameras. Video surveillance is always a useful task for investigators when trying to find a perpetrator or figure out more information about a situation. The most important factor when it comes to video surveillance being used in an investigation is its resolution. The most frequent issue is insufficient size or scope of the coverage (view), low resolution and low picture frequency, incorrect position of the view and inadequate lighting conditions. At Watchtower, we take the time to assess every property to check for all of these things. Watchtower has a great team of experts that know all of the logistics of having an exceptional security camera system. Watchtower chooses the camera and its quality, the camera placement, and we check the area for an acceptable network. We try to make the process of implementing a surveillance solution into an apartment complex, as easy as possible for our clients.

For most buildings, the general recommendation is: Avoid old analog CCTV cameras as the HD and megapixel resolutions offered by IP cameras available today can be up to three times better. Naturally, higher resolution gives you more details and therefore better identification of persons and objects. The advantage of digital systems is that they are virtually unlimited as to the maximum picture resolution. The maximum resolution depends only on the selected camera, recording equipment, and the network abilities. Further, the technical development in this area is advancing quickly and the performance continues to increase as well. Which is why Watchtower has no problem replacing cameras frequently. Not only are cameras replaced for being tampered with or destroyed we also replace our old cameras every few years to keep the resolution and quality as high as possible. The constant changes to technology are no problem for Watchtower, we know that being in this industry means lots of constant changes and we always strive to improve so we can deliver the best possible product to our clients.

Note: It is also important to take note that, although cameras are great for spotting and helping to catch criminals, cameras also help with prevention in a complex. Taking the protective measure of having security cameras can help your property gain, new clients.